Community Action
Community Action, Inc., is a locally controlled, private, non-profit organization that is part of America’s poverty fighting network. Community Action Agency carries out its anti-poverty mission by developing partnerships and providing resources that help people and communities thrive.

Fellowship Hi-Crest (FHC)
FHC strives to transform the lives of those in the community through finding and following Jesus Christ. They offer weekly family dinners on Wednesdays and have started SENT.

Kansas Association of Community Action Programs (KACAP)
KACAP is the membership association for Community Action Agencies (CAA) in Kansas, and as such we have three primary goals: help our members be strong and more effectively able to pursue their individual missions to end poverty; help Kansas develop a comprehensive model to end poverty, and be the leading advocate in promoting an end to poverty. 

Strengthening and Empowering Neighborhoods Together (SENT) works on community development, improving early childhood education, and having the emotional-mental side of things restored and reconciled in the neighborhood.

Topeka Public Schools Police Department
The vision of the Topeka Public Schools Police Department is to be relevant, ready, and responsive to all who attend and work in Topeka Public Schools. The mission of the Topeka Public Schools Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and patrons of Topeka Public Schools. We will work in a proactive manner to locate and identify potential hazards and/or criminal activity.

Holistic Defenders
The mission of Holistic Defenders is to defend Kansans effectively, zealously, and respectfully. We will use an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to champion our clients’ individual goals and address the root causes of involvement in the legal system.