About CRC CARE Center

CRC CARE Center at Avondale East


2013: In partnership with Topeka Public Schools and the Topeka Rescue Mission, CRC became the project head for the Avondale East NET Center Project. We repurposed a retired 1960s school building into a Neighborhood Empowerment & Transformation Center (NET Center). CRC is the manager of this pilot program and sets the stage for the collaborating partners to provide services to the local community and more specifically, to the
Hi-Crest West area. 

2017: The Avondale East NET Center is re-branded to the CRC CARE Center in an effort to focus on CRC’s core mission – to connect the resources in our community through Collaboration, Advocacy, Research, & Education. CRC has taken an anchor building within a distressed neighborhood and has successfully repurposed it. CRC CARE Center at Avondale East, a unique collaboration will reduce and mitigate homelessness in Topeka. This collaboration continues to reduce crime within the Hi-Crest neighborhood. Creating a new sense of community within Hi-Crest West will continue to improve the family unit and have decreased the infant mortality rate fostering a new sense of hope for those who live in Hi-Crest West.