Mobile Food Pantry

Mobile Food Pantry

Monthly Mobile Food Pantry

Community Resources Council (CRC) and Harvesters host a monthly mobile food pantry, reoccurring every third Friday of the month, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Avondale East NET Center, 455 SE Golf Park Blvd, Topeka KS, 66605.

Mobile food pantries provide nutritious food to families in need of emergency food assistance in areas where access to traditional food pantries is limited. This food distribution enables Harvesters to quickly and efficiently provide large quantities of healthy food where it is needed most.

There is no charge for food distributed at this, and any of Harvesters mobile food pantries. Mobile food pantry participants are asked to self-certify that they are in need of the food they are receiving or are picking up food for a family in need.

Proxy forms available, please call 233-1365.