CRC has been publishing data from Jackson, Jefferson, and Shawnee Counties for our community since the 1930s when they were known as the Social Service Index. We hope you take advantage of these reports if you are in need information for your nonprofit, business, or grant proposals. If you are a member of CRC, please let us know if you are interested in any data we may not have covered and we will be happy to look into it for you!

Kid’s Count

    Jackson County

    Jefferson County

    Shawnee County


    Election Turnout

    U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts

     County Tax Levies

          Jackson County

          Jefferson County

          Shawnee County

Economic Development

    Per Capita Personal Income

    Local Area Unemployment Statistics

     Labor Force

          Jackson County

          Jefferson County

          Shawnee County


    Residential Building Permits

    Median Family Income

    Average Weekly Wage

    Housing Occupancy

    Congressional District Housing Profile

    Rental Affordability Statistics


    Topeka Metro Key Indicators


    Attendance Rates

    Graduation Rates

    Dropout Rates

    Poverty Levels

    FTE Enrollment

    Expenditures Per Pupil


    Economically Disadvantaged Students

    Washburn University & Washburn Tech Enrollment

    Educational Attainment