Franchise Fee Credit Program

Franchise Fee Credit Program

The  City of Topeka Utility Credit (Franchise Fee) Program, as of April 1st, has completed and the funds are paid out for electric and gas for 2019.

We are only accepting applications for WATER utilities. Please come on Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm to apply.

The 2019 Franchise Fee Credit Program for the City of Topeka is administered by CRC in order to provide eligible households a standardized credit for utility services, which can be applied for once a year. A significant change to the program this year is the amount of credit per utility. This year, the City has approved a 60% increase overall to the number of credits, which makes each eligible household able to qualify for up to $320 in credits. The breakdown of this is as follows:

  • Electric – Westar — $100.00 Credit
  • Gas – Kansas Gas — $100.00 Credit
  • Water – City Water — $70.00 Credit
  • Wastewater – City — $50.00 Credit

To qualify for the City of Topeka Franchise Fee Credit Program you must be: a Topeka resident, have a household income for 2018 of less than $34,450; AND meet the age, disability or dependent child qualifications. This means that you must be born before January 1, 1963, OR be blind or totally and permanently disabled OR have a dependent child living at the home under the age of 18. Applicants must show proof of address, income from 2018, Driver’s license, birth certificate for children if qualifying by a dependent child in the household, and Social Security cards for every individual in the household in order to meet the residency and income requirements.

Any questions call 785-233-1365.