Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods

Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods

The ideas behind what became Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods started in March of 2008 when five individuals representing different organizations came together to talk about health and wellness issues. They made the decision to work together with a mission to mobilize the community to take action on health priorities so that policy, environment, and practice influence a culture shift toward health and wellness for everyone in Shawnee County.

HHN’s Guiding Principles
We will…

·         Define our criteria and determine activities that meet the intent of HHN.
·         Convene with partners on health issues.
·         Lead, facilitate, and advocate change and conversation.
·         Educate organizational, government, and community decision-makers.
·         Educate the community.
·         Use the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
·         Establish community health priorities, goals, strategies, and actions.
For and with whom…
·         Underserved and at-risk communities.
·         Stakeholders with interest in the community.
·         Organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals.
·         Agencies and policymakers.
·         All who have an interest in health and wellness.
So that…
·         Support is created for community partners with improvement activities.
·         Plans are implemented.
·         Policy is developed to support sustainable change and strategic focus.
·         Health and well-being in the community are improved.


CRC is the parent company to the above listed second-tier organization. We provide business/financial/technical support to numerous not-for-profit agencies and small charitable entities within our community by providing staffing, financial management, 501(c) 3 umbrella for the procurement of donations, and long-term strategic planning.  Without the presence of CRC providing the above services, these agencies/entities may have not been created, let alone be provided a platform for growth to provide much-needed services in our community.