Volunteers Active in Disasters


G.R. Laughlin

Shawnee County Regional Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (SNCO-RVOAD)

Vision Statement: The Shawnee County Regional VOAD facilitates the effective and efficient provision of comprehensive disaster services for residents of Shawnee County, ensuring that there will be neither inadvertent gaps nor unnecessary duplications of efforts.

Mission Statement: The Shawnee County Regional VOAD will facilitate the efforts of its affiliated agencies to ensure that citizens of Shawnee County can successfully, quickly and fully prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters that likely could impact, presently are impacting or recently have had impact on them.

Goals: The mission of the SNCO-RVOAD shall be accomplished and the vision realized by achieving the following goals:

  1. Create a climate of cooperation, trust, and commitment among SNCO-RVOAD agency members and the Shawnee County community.
  2. Develop an effective disaster plan in order to ensure collaborative, effective, and timely disaster response.
  3. Prepare the SNCO-RVOAD member agencies to respond to disasters by:

Core Values:

  1. Cooperation: Treating members as partners
  2. Communication: Sharing information
  3. Coordination: Working together, not competitively
  4. Collaboration: Working together to achieve specific goals

Steven L. Christenberry, MS, LMLP
Phone: (785) 232-7904
Email: schristenberry@fsgctopeka.com

SNCO-RVOAD Vice Chair/Training Committee Chair
G.R. Laughlin
Community Resources Council

SNCO-RVOAD Secretary
Carolyn W. Buono, RPh
Phone: (785) 633-3678
Email: buonocw@cox.net

Organizational Information:
Bylaws (Updated 12/22/2011)

Resource Directory

VRC Draft

2015 Key Documents:
Shawnee County Regional VOAD Volunteer Reception Center 2015

SHAWNEE COUNTY Donations Management Operations Manual 2015

VOAD Volunteer Sign-In

VOAD Rental Equipment Tracking

VOAD Reception Center Selection Tool

VOAD Product Intake Form B Non Food Items

VOAD Gratis Transportation and Equipment

VOAD Appendix – Donations Management